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Our Services

All packages are inclusive of an initial 1 hour Zoom meeting to further discuss your unique requirements


Curriculum Development

Development of meaningful curriculum frameworks for those with additional needs in both mainstream and SEND schools tailored to the specific needs of your pupils. Development of a fit for purpose curriculum ensuring breadth of subject knowledge and ensuring retention of skills over time. Development of an holistic curriculum, one that supports not only the learning needs of pupils but one that supports the social and emotional well-being of children and young people. Coaching and development of curriculum pedagogy


Teaching & Learning


Classroom support including environmental check lists, use of equipment, teaching style and approach Sensory Impairment support: practical advice on supporting learners who have sensory impairment including visual impairment, hearing impairment, or those with sensory impairments as part of diagnosis or condition (such as Autism or ADHD) Support in developing accessible learning spaces and activities for those with physical barriers to learning Supporting children accessing education who have medical needs Development of key teaching and learning skills and strategies to support SEND learners in the classroom


PMLD/ PMBL Research, Development & Support 

Although less than 1% of children who have a learning disability have a diagnosis of PMLD (profound and multiple learning disabilities) or PMBL (profound and multiple barriers to learning), the expert support and development these young people require is enormous. From teacher training to curriculum development and classroom provision, it is crucial that we get these things right. As an expert PMLD advisor, I can support your pupils with PMLD and complex needs throughout their journey, with outstanding outcomes. Including: •Teacher training – readying and supporting new teachers into the world of PMLD teaching and learning •Support staff support and training •Supporting children who have complex medical needs in school, and removing barriers to education •Facilitating multi-agency teams to ensure quality of life outcomes are at the forefront of all decisions made in the child's life •Teaching and learning pedagogy •Curriculum development – from inception to assessment. •Ensuring pupils with PMLD/PMBL are at the centre of whole school planning and development •Access to cutting-edge research and good practice •Development of the classroom environment, teaching strategies, and resourcing. Bereavement and critical illness support There may be a time when a child or young person with complex medical needs and disabilities becomes acutely unwell or passes away. I am able to provide bespoke, meaningful support to help staff and pupils process and manage these extraordinarily difficult events.

Training & Mentoring


Lesson observation and coaching to develop teaching strategies unique to your cohort of learners. SENDCO support, training and development. Implementation of therapeutic plans into the classroom Specific training including but not limited to: •Communication •Structured teaching strategies •PMLD •Inclusive Technology •Social and Emotional Well-being •Physical Development •Cognition •Sensory Impairment •The SEND classroom •Supporting pupils with medical needs in school •EHCP and Annual Review Support


Bespoke Packages


Please contact me directly to discuss your organisations unique needs. We will work together to create a bespoke package of training and development for your specific requirements. For example: Learning walks and lesson observation Appraisal of SDP OFSTED preparation

What will you receive?


A Zoom/ Teams meeting (of up to 1 hour) to discuss you and your schools’ unique needs. Together we will identify themes of inquiry and evaluation to be explored during your day(s). We will agree upon a theme for the day based upon the package (Curriculum Development, Teaching and Learning, Training and Mentoring or a Bespoke package)

A half day’s consultation will focus on one area of development (such as provision mapping or teaching strategies)

A full day’s consultation can focus on up to 3 areas of development (such as classroom environment, sensory integration training and accompanying strategies)

Clients are required fill in a pre-meeting questionnaire outlining your setting/ provision and priorities for development

A comprehensive timetable and plan for the day(s)



A whole day’s consultancy (between the hours of 8am and 4pm OR 9am and 5pm).

Half day sessions are conducted between the hours of 8am - 12pm OR 12pm  - 4pm.

Commonly, we will start with a brief meeting together with members of the senior leadership team/ teaching group etc.

Other activities throughout the day may include:

  • Lesson observation

  • Learning walks

  • Coaching and mentoring

  • Troubleshooting

  • Hands on classroom practice

  • Training – small group or 1:1

You will receive verbal feedback at the end of the day/ session. This feedback can be presented to your senior leadership team or wider staff group.



You will receive a written report within 14 days of the consultancy day/ session.

Termly SEND Health Check: Following our sessions together, I highly recommend a termly health check, where we will review and evaluate implemented strategies. In addition to our focused work, termly health checks allow us to ensure that strategies and developments have been implemented effectively and maintain impact

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